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Villazeon would like to invite you to come talk to our engineers and designers. Let’s discuss the type of home you would like to build.

Choose from our range of pre-engineered and standardized components, then select bespoke materials and finishes that are best suited to your particular location and your vision for your home.

We offer the perfect blend of high-end factory-quality engineering and tailored, individual approaches to complement your site and requirements.


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Our builds use a variety of the highest quality modern materials, focusing mainly on pre-engineered prefabricated components and sourcing locally and sustainably wherever possible.

Pre-engineered builds have long been popular in the developed countries where they are used widely in residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects.

There is a developing appetite here in India for such build solutions because of the advantages they offer.


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When you choose Villazeon, you can forget the hassle of finding separate designers, contractors, labourers, or sourcing materials. We offer a complete turn-key solution for our clients.

Because we use pre-engineered components, you minimize the risk of project delays. Weather conditions do not affect the construction process, so you avoid the disruption and delays caused by poor weather and high rainfall.

You also reduce the dependency on unskilled labour onsite. As well as minimizing delays this means that construction has been quality assured in the factory – facilitating a higher quality build.

Welcome to Villazeon

Home Is Where the Heart Is!

Villazeon was founded to help you make the luxury home of your dreams a reality.

We design and build pre-engineered homes of the highest quality using the latest technology and locally sourced and environmentally friendly materials to reduce the time and cost of your design and build.

You could own a high quality, luxury home designed and built in approximately a third of the time it would take for a conventional build.

Outsource the entire project to us – from land survey to final finish – and you can be living the lifestyle you want in just four months.

We deliver a no-stress, high-tech build at great value – so you can move in sooner and for less.

We build across India, including Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Vadodara, Mysore, Chennai and elsewhere, and take on commercial resort projects as well as bespoke design and builds for luxury holiday homes and weekend retreats.